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The Green Deal Forum 2013 is timed to offer businesses involved in the Green Deal, and those looking at entering the market, solutions to increase assessments and improve conversion to live plans. Book now

5 months after its launch and nearly 40,000 assessments have taken place, however, with just a handful of live plans in place, the challenge is how to speed up take up.Transformational change is on the horizon however, as the Green Deal Finance Company is predicting as many as 60 companies offering finance by the end of the year.Attend this one-day event to: 
  • Gain first hand insight to the latest incentives and guidance from government
  • Discover solutions to overcome the barriers in implementing the Green Deal
  • Explore new approaches to encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures within existing households and businesses
  • Identify the best platforms to engage with local SMEs on the Green Deal
  • Find out about the latest green technologies to improve energy efficiency

Continued Professional Development
This conference has been certified for CPD purposes and all attendees are eligible to receive a certificate of their attendance.

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Keynote speakers include:                                    

David Thomas,
Deputy Director for Green
Deal Demand, DECC

Richard Lambert,
Chief Executive, National
Landlords Association

Frances Williamson,
Head of Policy and External
Relations, Energy UK

David Titterton,
Green Deal and Obligations
Director, npower

Mark Bayley,
Chief Executive,
Green Deal Finance



Organised by
 Utility Week
     Supported by
      National Insulation Association
      National Landlords Association 


 Energy Saving Trust
      Energy Saving Trust


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